Why Bookkeeping Firms Should Hire Offshore Talent and Build Offshore Team?

Bookkeeping goes beyond necessity; it is crucial for the effective functioning, prosperity, and growth of organizations and, by extension, our economy. Although the work's significance may not always be immediately apparent, its importance remains undeniable. I prefer to envision bookkeepers as architects. Similar to architects who are visionaries, inventors, and innovators, bookkeepers play a vital role in shaping futures and turning ideas into reality. Engaging in this type of work is not only essential but also exhilarating, offering accountants the opportunity to contribute to the transformative and visionary aspects of their field. The accounting-bookkeeping profession is facing a challenge as the demand for bookkeepers continues to grow while the number of qualified professionals slows. There are ways to adapt to this problem by looking for talent pool in alternative markets. Here are the top reasons we should bookkeepers should consider offshore talent.

  • Expand the talent base to other geographics and markets to bridge the talent shortage.
  • Cut upto 75% in costs for bookkeeping and other similar individual contributor roles.
  • Save time sourcing and screening profiles but instead focus on the practice growth.
  • Take advantage of the time zone difference to reduce the cycle time of the deliverables.

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  • General Accountant
  • Tax Accountant
  • Staff Accoutant
  • Senior Accountant
  • Accounting Supervisor
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Accounting Manager
  • Management Accountant

Finance and Backoffice

  • Accounts Receivable Assistant
  • Accounts Payable Assistant
  • Accounts Receivable Supervisor
  • Accounts Payable Supervisor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • General Accountant
  • Management Accountant


  • Tax Preparor - Individual
  • Tax Preparor - Business
  • Tax Preparor - Corporate
  • Senior Tax Preparor
  • Tax Accountant
  • Tax Supervisor
  • Tax Reviewer
  • Tax Specialist


  • Audit Associate/Senior
  • Internal Auditor
  • SOX 404 Auditor
  • Technology Risk (IT) Auditor
  • Internal Controls Specialist
  • Audit Liasion
  • Audit Supervisor
  • Audit Manager


  • Paralegal - Elder Law
  • Paralegal - Title XIX
  • Paralegal - Discovery Consultant
  • Paralegal - Company Book Specialist
  • Paralegal - Injury Law
  • Paralegal - Company Law
  • Paralegal - Real Estate
  • Associate Attorney


  • Audio Video Engineers
  • Graphic Designer
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Customer Support Associate
  • Data Entry Associate
  • IT Support
  • IT Developer
  • Help Desk Analyst
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Expand your talent pool
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Focus on your business growth
Save time on sourcing and screening candidates.

Never pay for recruiting fees
(Save about 20-25% in Year 1).

Save 30 - 50%
on FTE cost - year over year.

Scale your talent needs
as your business grows.

Flexible work models
FTE work model and/or Time and Expense model

Confidentiality & Security
To protect your and/or client's information.

Dedicated Account Manager
To answer your questions and give you timely updates.

20 hours free trial
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Five Stage Perfection Plan - How does it work?

Discovery and Signup

Discovery call to discuss your business needs and signup.

Source and Screen

Review and shortlist candidates

Interviews and Selections

Interviews and Online Assessments


Access, IT Set up and Onboarding


Managing and scaling offshore teams


How do we vet Offshore Talent?

Technical Skills

Our assessment procedure thoroughly evaluates candidates' hands-on proficiency and understanding in Excel, logical reasoning, accounting, bookkeeping, and Financial processes. This evaluation is conducted through practical assignments and multiple-choice questions (MCQs).

Communication Skills

We evaluate candidates' communication skills in alignment with the specific requirements of the role. For positions that involve interacting with clients, we prioritize strong English communication skills. Additionally, for roles that entail written communication, we assess language proficiency and written abilities.

Soft Skills

During our screening process, we assess soft skills to ensure the candidates have good interpersonal skills, problem solving, work ethic, time management, and teamwork.

Background Check

Our foremost concern is the safety and integrity of our clients, their business and their data. To ensure this, we incorporate reference checks, employment checks and, criminal background checks into our hiring process.

Technology Skills

We also assess proficiency in Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, Accounting Software, General computer skills, Cyber Security awareness to align with technological advancements.