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Offshore Staffing Solutions

SkillBench helps Accounting Firms, Accounting Executives, Law Firms, and Businesses with Offshore staffing solutions for Accounting, Finance, Audit, Tax & Payroll, Paralegal and other business staffing needs.

With our 25+ years of experience, we help our clients save over 75% on costs, bridge talent gap, & save them time to focus on business growth!

25 years
of offshore staffing experience

Savings on FTE costs

About SkillBench

Our staffing approach ensures the selection of top-tier professionals distinguished by extensive experience, impressive academic qualifications, and diverse skill sets. The hiring process engages our clients in interviewing and handpicking candidates tailored to their specific offshore staffing needs. Recognizing the distinct requirements of each business, we assess their needs meticulously and recommend profiles that align best with their specific demands. Our unique service delivery model includes our Five-Stage Perfection Plan, dedicated to developing our team members and commitment to delivering high quality results with your staffing and business needs.

Our offshore staffing services helps Accounting firms, CPAs, Bookkeepers, Law firms, CFOs, Controllers and Businesses with their staffing needs for various roles that can be performed by offshore teams. Our team acts as an extended team for our clients performing bookkeeping, accounting, audit, tax, payroll and other business process functions.

Prashant Kothari

President (CPA, CISA & CA)

Prashant leads SkillBench with over 25+ years of Offshore staffing experience in the areas of Accounting, Finance Audit, Tax, Payroll, IT, Internal Controls and various Business processes. He began his career in public accounting with Aneja Associates and Deloitte & Touche LLP (Deloitte) where he served small companies to Fortune 500’s. During his tenure with Deloitte, he led the offshore staffing solutions across various practices area for Milwaukee and Chicago offices. Thereafter, he started his entrepreneurial journey with “SkillBench” to assist large private and publicly traded companies with offshore staffing for Risk Advisory Services. Today, SkillBench helps Accounting firms, CPAs, Bookkeepers, Law firms, CFOs, Controllers and Businesses with their staffing needs for various roles that can be performed by offshore teams.

He has a unique experience in sourcing high-quality remote talent that has proven valuable to many companies in the past. He is now eager and excited to use his skills, qualification, and experience to help you hire offshore talent and build offshore teams for your business.

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There is a serious talent crisis in North America due to a shift in demographics. It is going to get worse in some professions more than others, especially Accounting and Legal. The talent crisis results from a mass exodus of baby boomers, declining birth rates, limited new talent inflow, and low unemployment rates.

We're on a mission to help Accounting firms, Accounting Executives, Law Firms and Businesses bridge talent-related challenges through offshore staffing solutions at a compelling cost.

Niche Staffing Solution

  • Hire the right talent

    Hire an experienced and qualified talent that fits your business needs.
  • Flexible Work Models

    Hire permanent or temporary staff based on your business needs.
  • Full control over staff

    Staff reports to you and follows your business process under your direct supervision as your extended team member.
  • High quality work

    Staff follows your firm’s/business methodology to ensure high quality deliverables.

Company Values


We do the right thing, always.


We place our people and relationships before our profits.


We treat our team & clients with the utmost respect.


We are committed to teamwork for our mutual success.


We are committed to our people, clients & profession.


We are committed to owning our promises and continually improving.