Frequently Asked Questions

  • Access to young and experienced global talent pool.
  • Save over 75% on FTE costs.
  • Say goodbye to the recruiter and recruiter fees!
  • Manage your seasonal needs
  • Boost your profitability and your bottom line.
  • Save time sourcing and screening candidates

There is a labor price arbitrage between North America and India. We pass on the savings to you due to the price arbitrage resulting in 50% savings. In addition, you do not pay for employee benefits, recruiter fees, training, compliance, liability, insurance, workers compensation or severance. Furthermore, you save on the building infrastructure and hardware technology costs due to remote working. As a result, you save around 75% on employee costs due to offshore staffing solutions.

If the work can be performed virtually then most likely SkillBench staff can be hired to perform the work. Similar to a local onshore employee, our offshore team members can remotely perform the following tasks. This is just an example list. Please contact us if you would like to have more information.

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Reconciliation
  • Tax preparation
  • Audit Support
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Legal paralegal
  • CAD, Modeling and other Design Services
  • Virtual Assistant or Administrative Support

Yes, we’ll provide all the needed hardware technology to the offshore staff.

We recommend that you provide all the needed software to the offshore staff to perform the work just like an onshore local employee. This helps to ensure better data security and helps ensure the data remains within your network . In the event, you have limited technology infrastructure or need to use our cloud infrastructure or shared drives, we’d be happy to assist with that.

Yes, our offshore staff can read, write and speak good English.

Yes, we have two work models. You can hire a full time dedicated staff or you could hire a part time staff.

Yes, we prefer you interview the offshore staff before you hire him/her. It is a similar process just like hiring a local onshore employee.

We have a solid hiring team and we only hire experienced candidates with a minimum bachelor’s degree and atleast 3 years of experience in the relevant field. We do not hire freshers straight out of the school.

Yes, we have two work models. With our hourly work model, you can hire staff for your temporary and seasonal business needs. If you need a staff for full time then you can hire using our FTE model for permanent full time staffing needs.

No, there are no hidden fees or additional costs. You simply pay a fixed fee for FTE model and an hourly fee for the hourly model. You never pay for recruiting fees or any other technology costs.

It is a simple and straight forward set up process. Your IT department works with our IT department through remote login to install the software that would be needed to perform the day to day work by our offshore staff.

Our Dedicated Account Manager is your main point of contact and will assist with any and all matters pertaining to the offshore staff including but not limited to training, troubleshooting, time off, workload management etc. The Dedicated Account Manager will make sure that you have a successful experience working with the offshore staff and will work with your business as well as the offshore staff to optimize the integration and delivery.

There is a 5 hour overlap working with our offshore team members. They are available for calls, and meetings from 6 - 11 am US time. Based on our experience, we think 5 hour overlap is plenty to connect, discuss the day to day work. Generally, our clients only use 1 - 2 hours max per day to connect with offshore team members. Given the time difference between US and India, it gives an advantage of 24 hour operations. US teams may assign the work in the evenings which will be performed by the offshore team during their day time and would be delivered by the next morning US time. This helps with the round the clock operations and shortening the cycle time of the task and deliverable.

In case of offshore staffing, you have a dedicated offshore staff working exclusively for your business on a daily basis. It is like having an extended team member in a different branch location who works under your supervision and follows your business protocols.

Outsourcing on the other hand is where the work is performed by an adhoc person by simply following the work instructions for non core tasks/activities. You do not have dedicated staff in case of outsourcing and therefore your business methodology and your work culture and protocols may not be followed in case of Outsourcing.

Yes, offshore staff will work under your supervision and management. They will follow your business processes and protocols. It is same as having a local staff working from a different office.

Yes, we recommend to provide your business email to the offshore staff. It helps to keep all the data in your network and server. We would be happy to provide the staff with SkillBench email for your business use based on your preference.

Generally, it takes about 15 - 21 days to have an offshore staff begin working for you. This includes all the screenings, interviews, assessments, background checks, reference checks, IT set up and access set up. It may take a little longer depending on the skillset required by your team.

You can communicate with the offshore team member via phone, email, chat or video calls.

There are a few different ways to do this :
  • Remote access : You can set up a workstation with the required software and grant remote login access to the offshore staff to that workstation. The staff will login to perform the work and log out after the assigned work is complete.
  • Push apps and software : You can push apps and software on the offshore staff member’s computer to perform the work. Note that the desktop/laptop will be used exclusively for your business purposes.
  • Cloud/Server access: Store the documents in the cloud or a server to have the staff perform the work.
  • SAAS/Cloud Application : If you’re using any cloud based application, you can grant access to the offshore staff to the SAAS application to perform the work.

We take confidentiality and security very seriously and have implemented the following security measures to protect your and your client’s data.

  • No access to USB or any other external drives (disabled ports).
  • No access to CD drives.
  • All the systems are protected for malware, spyware and virus.
  • VPN is installed and used for your business needs.
  • Printer access is disabled.
  • Restriction on browsing certain websites and prohibited content.