Work Models

Flexible and Scalable – Choose the model that’s right for you!

Why choose an Full Time Employee (FTE) work model?

The FTE Model is ideal for businesses with a work volume of 1 or more full-time professional. It also allows you to be part of the interview process before they are assigned to work with your business. It is the same process as hiring a FTE in your own business without having the need for an Human Resource or spending big dollars on employee costs.

Benefits of FTE Work Model

Extended Team

Our professionals work as your extended team members under your direction and guidance.

Be Involved

You are invited to be part of the interview process before the prospective professionals are assigned to your business.

Costs Savings

Save up to 75% of costs and improve your bottom line.

Time Savings

We source and screen the professionals that would be a good fit for your business.

No HR or Recruiter needs

You won’t need an HR or a recruiter working with us. Reduced overhead which means more savings for your bottom-line.

Experienced Professionals

Experienced and qualified professionals are assigned as FTE to work with you.


Scalable model to support the expansion of your business.


Swap out underperforming professionals anytime at no additional cost!

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Why choose an hourly work model?

The Hourly Work Model is ideal for businesses that do not have a need for full time professional or those who have seasonal needs. It offers simplicity, flexibility and convenience as there is no long-term commitment.

Benefits of FTE Work Model

  • 1) Flexible and Convenient
    No long-term commitment.
  • 2) Time Period
    No obligation for a minimum or maximum period to use our service.
  • 3) Transparency
    Weekly Timesheets provided showing the breakdown of work performed.
  • 4) Trained Professionals
    Trained professionals are deployed based on the scope of the work.
  • 5) Cost Savings
    Save up to 50% on costs and improve your bottom line.
  • 6) Non-Expiry
    Purchased hours never expire. Guaranteed!
  • 7) Simple Process
    Simple and streamlined process to get started at short notice or test a pilot project.